Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tieks for Teachers!

Have you heard of Tieks?

Well... I have FINALLY gotten my first pair and... I am in love! They are absolutely beautiful.

What are Tieks?

What makes them so great you ask? This diagram pretty much sums it up.

The great thing about these shoes is that they are fold-able so that you can take them with you. Easy to pack... easy to change into while out... just easy!

You may think because they are fold-able that they are flimsy and weak. (Not gunna lie... this was my biggest concern before purchasing.) I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is not the case at all! You would never be able to tell they can be folded up while they are on your feet.

They also come in pretty much every possible color you can think of. It was so hard for me to decide which one to get! I love the "Mint" color... but I decided to be practical and go with "Chestnut". I am so glad I did because they are currently out of stock!

Aren't they perfect?!
(I apologize if you are blinded by my ridiculously pale legs.)

They also come in the cutest packaging. ever. I love the "Signature Tiek Blue" box with the PINK (my favorite) flower on top. Someone please help me think of a way to use this flower! It is so pretty.

(The dancer in me automatically noticed the type of rhinestone they used on the flower. If you have ever danced or cheered... you know what I'm talking about--and those stones aren't cheap!)

The shoes come folded neatly inside the box. When you open it for the first time you can smell the leather and you will be in love. Trust me.

Each pair comes with a hand-written card. Can we say amazing customer service?! They are seriously some of the most genuine and helpful business people I have ever communicated with. I cannot even tell you how great they are!

These shoes are on the pricey side due to the high quality of the leather and the fact that they are hand-made. However, I may just be able to help you out a little bit...

You should probably read the card...

Did you catch that? Giveaway?! Make sure you keep checking back so you don't miss out!

Which pair of Tieks are your favorite?


  1. I love these ones!

  2. I use the flower on top to keep my books together to take to my book studies. It makes me smile every time I get together for my study.