b or d Center FREEBIE

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Back-to-School No Prep Freebie

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Plants Graphic Organizer and Writing Paper

No Prep Spring Freebie

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Weather Freebies

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How Weather Affects Me Writing Pages and Sentence Mix-Up

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Little Elf Poem

You can grab a copy of this poem here. (Disclaimer: I did NOT write this poem. I am not that talented.)

Pumpkin Pie Tasting and Graphing

Last but not least, here is a Thanksgiving freebie for you! We are using it next week. It is a pumpkin tasting and graphing activity! Click the picture to download for free!

Numbers 1-20 Apple Count and Match

I made these apple matching cards. The student count the number of apples and match them to the correct number. Grab it for free here.

Apple "Roll and Cover"

 Here is an apple center that was supposed to be a "roll and cover" center... but I totally did it wrong so that dice could not be used. Oops. SO it became a "pick a card, count the dots, and cover" center.

You can grab this FREEBIE here.

Student Numbers

Above are the hooks where my students hang their backpacks. They each have an assigned number and hook. You can grab these numbers here.

Tooth Extraction Subtraction

We have been working on subtraction and we did this super cute activity from Heidi Songs blog.
Here's how it works: The kids each get a page that shows a kid with ten teeth (put the sheet inside a page protector). They roll the dice to see how many teeth to knock out take away. They black out those teeth and count how many are left. Then, they write down the subtraction problem they have created.

My kids had a blast with this and were SO ENGAGED. Dice + dry erase markers = FUN in kindergarten.
You can get the pictures of the kids from Heidi's blog. Here is a free recording sheet I made to go with it. Just click here to download.

Summer Addition Center

This is an addition center that goes perfectly with my summer centers. It includes a cover page with visual directions and a recording sheet. Click the picture to grab it for free!

Earth Day Real or Nonsense Words

Here is an Earth Day themed real and nonsense word sort. Included is a cover page with visual directions as well as a recording sheet. I hope you can find some use for it. Click the picture to grab your freebie!

Measurement with Inch by Inch

This freebie goes with the book Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni.

Click the picture below to grab your measurement freebie.

Springy Skip Counting

This is a skip counting center with a recording sheet and a cover page with visual directions. With this, your kiddos can practice skip counting by both 5 and 10. Not to mention, it is perfect to add to your spring centers! Click on the picture above to grab the freebie.

Apple Tasting and The Five Senses

We practiced using our five senses with different types of apples. We observed, touched, tasted, and smelled.

The students observed both the outside and the inside of their apples.
(You can download this observation page in the freebie below.)

We tasted three different types of apples and graphed our favorites.
(This data page is also included in the freebie.)

You can download the apple data pages here. I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE!

January Calendar Cards

Here are some free calendar cards to get your classroom prepared for the New Year! Click HERE to download this freebie! I hope you enjoy them. =)

Behavior Chart

I love this new chart because gives students the opportunity to come back from bad behavior and even allows them to move up for positive reinforcement. It is simple yet effective. It can be used with clothes pins as shown, or with magnets on a board. All you have to do is cut it out, laminate, and put it together. You can punch holes and use binder rings or use ribbon to connect the pieces together. I hope you enjoy this freebie and get as much use out of it as I have! Click HERE to snag this freebie!

Hundreds Charts/Skip Counting Charts

These are two different sets of hundreds charts to post in your classroom. You can get the chevron charts here and the black and white charts here. Included in each set is a plain hundreds chart, a chart for counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. I have the black and white posted in my room (because I made them first) but I want to put the chevron ones up instead when I find the time.


  1. Is there any way to download the tooth extration picture? The picture the students use to color in the teeth? I have tried to google, but nothing is showing up! =) Thank you so much!!

    1. If you click the "Heidi's Blog" link you should be able to download it there. Hope it works for you!