Sunday, September 14, 2014

Classroom Reveal!

Here is the reveal of my new classroom finally! I have been very, very busy the past few months as I am sure you all have as well!

I stuck with the Polka Dot Decor again this year.

Here is my classroom door with all of my students' names.

Here is the front of my classroom.
This is were we have carpet time, calendar, etc. and also where the projector is.

I got some SitSpots! My room has built-in carpet, so sit spots are perfect for me because I cannot afford a new carpet to go on top of the one that is built-in.

SitSpots are perfect to give my kiddos an assigned place to sit on this crazy, old carpet. They just velcro right on!

Here is my small group table and storage. I have a SINK! That is so exciting to me. When you haven't had one before, you really appreciate that sink!

This is my favorite part of my room. I will switch these out periodically throughout the year.

Here is the back of my room. I will post pictures of the library when it is finished.
Above the whiteboard are clothespins where I will hang anchor charts.

Here are my supplies I keep close to the kiddos for easy access.

I hope you are enjoying your new students and all the back-to-school fun!


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