Friday, July 18, 2014

b or d center FREEBIE!

Hi friends! Back to school is creeping up and I am frantically trying to prepare myself! I will start setting up my room next week and then in-service starts the 31st (ah!). This is what my new room currently looks like:

See why I'm panicking?! BUT it is huge and I cannot wait to get it all together.
I did get to meet the other kindergarten teachers yesterday and they seem amazing, so I am excited about that!

b or d Center FREEBIE

I have been working on some alphabet centers for the beginning of the year and I have a FREEBIE to share with you.

Every year, kiddos have trouble deciphering between b and d. It is one of those tricky things that we deal with all year. I made this center for some extra practice working on this skill. It is a "b or d?" sorting center. You can grab this freebie over at the K-3 Connection facebook page. (Click "like" then "fan FREEBIES" to access it as well as my other fan freebies.)

Here are some other ideas I found that can also help your students with b and d. Just click on the picture to see where it came from.

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