Friday, January 17, 2014

Weather Five for Friday (January 17)

Do you ever have a week that seems so crazy and jam-packed... then you think back and you can't think of the reason it was so chaotic? Well, that was this week for me. BUT it is Friday AND a three day weekend! Yippee!

This week we barely started our weather unit. I am going to share some of what we have done/are going to do. There is a pack of freebies if you stick around to the end!

On the first day we talked about weather, we made an anchor chart that shows the different types of weather. My kiddos were already familiar with the types of weather because we talk about what the weather is like each morning during calendar.

We have been using the poem "Weather Ways" to go along with our unit. We read the poem each day and look for sight words, rhyming words, etc. throughout the week. At the end of the week, we add the poem to our Poetry Notebook and do an activity. This week the students unscrambled the mixed-up poem and glued it in the correct order. (The poem and mixed-up activity are included in the weather freebie!)

We did read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and wrote about whether we would/would not want it to rain food. I loved listening to the kiddos answers and reasoning behind them. (This page is included in the freebie.)

As I was planning my weather unit, I realized I had ZERO books about weather. Oops. So I ordered a bunch from Amazon and I can't wait to use them! These are the books we will be using...




Thanks for reading through this post! Click the picture to grab your Weather Freebies!

Have a great MLK weekend!

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  1. Hi Ashley! Found you through Doodle Bug's Linky! Stopped by and wanted to say "hi"! My dog and cat are my "babies" too! I have enough kids at!

    Kate :)
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  2. Cute activities and thanks for the freebie Ashley!
    Elyse :)
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  3. Hi Ashley! I found your blog through Doodle Bugs Five for Friday! Every week I try to connect with new bloggers (at least new to me anyway!) I am excited to find a Kindergarten link as my daughter has just started teaching kindergarten a week ago! I also have TWO CATS!!! A lazy one and a killer cat who is out patrolling the yard as I type this!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. What a cute freebie! I can use it for our weather unit! Thanks!