Monday, June 2, 2014

Time to Catch Up!

I am officially on summer break! (Does it count as a break if you are teaching summer school, moving into a new house, and moving classrooms? I guess not.) I have some random things to catch you all up on!

First... a funny little picture. You know you always have at least one little stinker in every class. Well, here is what mine did.

What a sweetheart, right?!
You can grab this free end of the year book from Jessica Travis here.

End of the Year Gifts

I chose to do a similar End of the Year Bucket gift again.

The buckets came from the Dollar Tree aka teacher heaven.

Here is what went inside my bucket:
(Sorry it is so dark.)
The book and bookmark came from Scholastic. The little green thing is playdough and I got it in the target dollar spot. The sticker, tattoos, and beach ball are from Oriental Trading.


Aaaaannd I have to announce that I am changing schools next school year! I will still be teaching kindergarten, but it a larger PUBLIC school. Big change, but I am really excited! Here is what my "old" classroom currently looks like... (I can't wait to move to one that is not so tiny!)

Are you looking for a new teaching job? I will post some of the interview questions I was asked soon to hopefully help you out!


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