Monday, January 28, 2013

January Scholastic Haul

Happy Monday! We had a field trip today. We had a great time but man, I am exhausted! It was also picture day so our day was very hectic. I wanted to show you guys my scholastic haul from last month's book order and tell you that if you have not signed up for Scholastic Book Clubs... DO IT NOW! There is seriously no downside and I have gotten so many things absolutely FREE. Here is all the stuff I got this time...

I got 14 books (one is even hardback!), two computer games (not sure how great they are yet...), three books on CD, and five card/puzzle games that are perfect for centers or an "I'm done" activity. All of this from one order... how great is that! I might get more excited than the kids do when the book box comes. It is a little ridiculous.
I plan on doing an in depth post about how to make the most of your book orders, but for now I will just tell you to sign up!! They give bonus points (that you can spend on school items) for every dollar your kids spend, plus you get $20 free to spend when your class puts in a $20 or more order, plus you get $3 to spend any time a parent orders online. (I could go on and on...) If you have a colleague that already orders from book clubs, ask them to give you their customer number when you sign up, because you will BOTH get extra bonus points on your first order! If you do not have a fellow teacher that uses book clubs, I would be more happy to give you my customer number. =) After you sign up, be on the lookout for a post with tips on how to get the most out of your book clubs book orders. 

I have finished two new themed resources for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day (both aligned with Common Core). I am really loving making themed products lately. Take a look at them below!

You can find my Valentine's Day Unit here.

You can find my St. Patrick's Day Unit here.

Have a great week!

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