Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Fun and Freebies!

This month has been full of fun and craziness! I love December and all things Christmas, but phew! It is exhausting with a class full of five year olds!

Somehow we have managed to accomplish some learning mixed in with all the excitement, elf on the shelf, gift making, and preparing for the Christmas Program.

We made this fabulous elf craftivity where the students wrote about what they would do if they were elves. 99% of them would "watch kids and fly to santa to tell him who was bad". No surprise there. =)

You can get this free elf craft here. I made my own writing sheet to go along with it that you can download here.

I used this multicultural construction paper so that the kiddos' elves would look more like them. They loved it!

We worked hard with this poem last week. My class loves working with poems and I love it because they don't even know they are learning!

Each week, we add our new poem to our poetry notebook and do an activity that goes along with it. This week they were hunting for sight words. This poem would also be great for senses or rhyming words. On Fridays, the students take their poetry notebooks home to read their new poem to their family.

You can grab a copy of this poem here. (Disclaimer: I did NOT write this poem. I am not that talented.)

Have a great week and try to stay sane until break!

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