Friday, February 7, 2014

Five for Friday (February 7th)

Yayyy for Friday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! Stick around until the end to find out how to win something you can probably use in your classroom next week.

I totally changed how we deal with supplies this week. My students each had their own box of supplies and were trading crayons like they were playing cards. It was driving me INSANE. Sooo we switched to community supplies and so far it is working out much better.

The box and cups are from Dollar Tree. The cups came in packs of six.

I love them because the cups fit inside and then we can close and stack them when we don't need them!

We have a separate storage place for our glue and scissors as well. These little bins came from the Dollar Store as well--but I got them about ten years ago.

(I clearly still need to make a cute label for them.)

I am taking my Praxis to be ELL endorsed tomorrow. Any thoughts/prayers/good vibes would be greatly appreciated!! I can't wait for it to be o.v.e.r.

I know I have briefly talked about Ebates before, but if you haven't signed up yet you SERIOUSLY need to! You get free money for shopping online. AND you get a gift card (of your choice) just for signing up. For real. It's FREE money! I can't wait to get my check and go buy a new shirt or something!

All you do is click through the Ebates website before you online shop, and they'll send you a percentage of your purchase back as a check. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Click the logo to check it out.

I updated my Valentine's Day Mini Unit and am giving one (or maybe more...) away! Click the picture below to check out the post where you can win this unit.

Have a great weekend friends!

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