Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day! It has been a fun and busy week. (There is a giveaway opportunity at the end of this post!)

My kids are in love with centers. They don't even know they are learning, they just feel like games to them.
Here is a look at some of our Valentine centers we have been working on.

     Lovin' Long Vowels                                 Scoop and Tally                Lovely Tens Frames

      Short Vowel Sort                                                                               Short Vowel Recording

My kids spoiled me today. I have enough chocolate to last me all year. This isn't even all of it! If anyone is chocolate deprived, I would be happy to help!

They also spoiled each other. A lot. I'm talking giant piggy banks, large boxes of heart chocolates, and loads of candy and cards for everyone. It's like Christmas up in here.

Here are some of the books we read today for our Valentine's Day celebration. One of my kids asked me why we didn't have balloons if it was a party. How dare I not get balloons?!

I was surprised to see this AMAZING Valentine's gift box on my doorstep this week! It came from the fabulous Tieks by Gavrieli! I am so in love with this company. They by far have the BEST customer service out there. (Not to mention their shoes...) You can enter to win one of these amazing boxes for yourself here. You want one. Trust me.

My newest product is a pack of Sight Word Practice Pages. I really needed a way for kids to practice their sight words that was kindergarten independent work friendly, sooo I made my own.

I'd love to give a few away! If you want to win this set, just "pin" this image. Then, post the link to your pin in the comments. I will pick winners by Monday. =)
Congrats Linda!

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. This set looks good! Here's my pin:

    1. I would love to send you my sight word practice pages! Please email me so I can send it to you! My email is