Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Updates!

Here are some random ideas and updates of what I have been doing since I have been MIA. (Sorry y'all... Grad school is KILLING me.)

Easy Hands-On Addition Practice

This is an easy way to make a simple addition worksheet a hands-on learning experience. Just add manipulatives! We drew two circles and used beans to solve the addition problems that came from this set of  free worksheets. Easy, no-prep practice!

International Day--Mexico

Every year, my school has "International Day" where each classroom researches a different country. We then make a banner and bring a food item from our country for all of the other classes to try. The kids LOVE it. I am always surprised with how willing they are to try all the different foods and how eager they are to learn about different cultures.

Our country this year was Mexico. We made Day of the Dead Masks and our food was Mexican Wedding Cookies. The cookies are pretty much all butter and sugar--but of course the kids loved them!

Long/Short Vowel Anchor Chart

My curriculum teaches long/short vowels by having the children mark the vowels in the word. I am curious to know how others teach it? It is a hard skill for my kiddos to grasp, but we are working on it! I made this anchor chart to help them.

St. Patrick's Day and Spring Centers

We have busted out the St. Patrick's Day and Spring Centers. Spring Break is next week (woopwoop!) so we are using some of them this week! 

(Don't judge me for the nasty glue desk. If you teach kindergarten, I KNOW you'd be lying if you said your desks don't look like this the majority of the time! At least I hope so.)

Need some more St. Patrick's Day ideas? Check out these posts from last year.

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